Eating your way to popularity!

Illustration of spacetime curvature.

Illustration of spacetime curvature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you feeling lonely? Do you want more friends? Or do you just want to be the center of attention? You might not believe it but there’s an easy way to become popular. Forget about looking good, being funny or rich. Eat your way into people’s hearts!

The magic word today is gravity, or gravitation depending on your preferences. We all know gravity as the force that keeps us safely on the ground, but it has other uses as well. We orbit around the Sun because of gravity, and we owe our tides to it, not to mention the formation of Earth itself. So how does it work? Well, for that I have to invoke a bit of Einstein and his general theory of relativity. In this theory, gravity is explained by the curvature of spacetime through mass. To give you an idea of how this works, imagine a table-cloth that is held at the corners and pulled tight so the surface is completely straight. Now you place a basketball on the cloth in the center, which causes the cloth to dent, or curve. If you then add a tennis ball on the cloth, it will roll around the basketball because of the dent. The bigger the ball is, in other words the more mass it has, the bigger the dent will be and therefore the stronger the gravitational force, or pull. This is why the Earth rotates around the Sun and not the other way around. Yes, the Earth does rotate around the Sun and it takes a year to do so! Sometimes poll results amaze me.

That being said, let’s turn to the practical side of gravity. We know that more mass equals a stronger gravitational force, and we get more mass by stuffing our faces with cake. So if you want to increase your attraction and have lots of friends, eat until your body is on the verge of exploding and no one will be able to resist you! Alright, alright, I confess. Stuffing your face with cake won’t help much. In fact, it won’t do you any good at all. If you really want to increase your gravitational force in any significant way, then you’d have to have so much mass that you’d be considered a natural satellite. So what have we really gained from all this? Nothing. Nothing at all.


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