How to play with yourself

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day you wake up is another glorious day. Why? Because you are in it. You are amazing, wonderful, the center of the world and of course very handsome. There’s just one problem: there isn’t enough of you to go around! But not to worry, I can fix that for you with a little bit of science.

As you look in the mirror you see this extraordinary reflection of what is simply perfection. But wouldn’t it be a lot better if there were more than just one? Or two? Or three? Of course it would! And I will now tell you the magic (not really) formula that will help you get the most out of yourself. The amount of awesomeness (number of reflections) is equal to 360 divided by the angle between the mirrors minus 1. In proper form: number of reflections=360/angle -1.

Now before you go all giddy and run to the bathroom, you should know it’s very hard to get an infinite amount of reflections. The reflected light grows weaker with each projection, and dust and imperfections in the mirror will hinder the transmission of your godly countenance. I guess not everything is as perfect as you.




About Quantum Gag

Just someone trying to understand the world around me and sharing it with others.
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