How to be a force for good

Isaac Newton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a world where bankers are pricks and people kill each other for no other reason than stupidity, one hero stands up to make a difference. A force that will tip the scales and save us all from ignorance and greed. That hero, is you! Well, it could be if you read what’s coming.

I am now going to teach you how to generate force. How you use that force is entirely up to you, but here’s hoping you’ll do something good with it. So, what exactly is force? Force is any influence that causes an object to undergo a change, either in its movement, direction or shape. You can calculate force with the following equation: F=ma, where F stands for … force (did you guess?), m stands for mass and a stands for acceleration. In other words, throwing a brick at someone’s face will hurt, a lot. Force is generally expressed in terms of Newtons, after Isaac Newton, who did much for science in general.

So how does this make you a hero? Well, think about it. Mass times Acceleration equals Force. So you have two choices: one is to stuff your face with cake to increase your mass, the other to run really, really fast to increase acceleration. Doing the latter is pretty hard with a belly filled with cake, so one or the other will have to do. Now you spot some overt scoundrel or monetary rapscallion, what do you do? You run at them and give them the full force of your body! That, or you sit on them until they cry out in submission, depending on your previous choice. Good job!


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Just someone trying to understand the world around me and sharing it with others.
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2 Responses to How to be a force for good

  1. I tried to force myself to be more forceful once, but I was forced to come to the conclusion that there are some things you just can’t force.

  2. Quantum Gag says:

    Maybe you needed to add a little more “weight” to your arguments!

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