How to save money on fuel

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the world has gone crazy and that gas prices are so high you have to choose between taking the bike or cutting down on food. Since this is likely not going to change anytime soon, and you’d rather die than taking the bike, I’ve decided to help you out and show you how you can get the most out of your money!

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friction is a bitch. It slows you down and heats you up no matter what you do. Whether you drive a car, take a walk, or make love, friction is there. So what exactly is friction? It’s a force that resists the relative motion of things. For example, if you drive a car, the tires will be in contact with the concrete, creating friction that converts the kinetic energy (energy of movement) into heat. It will also cause wear, meaning your tires will perform less and less and eventually have to be replaced for a truckload of money. The more friction you experience, the more fuel you’ll need to get going.

There are ways to reduce friction however. You could make sure your tires are always in good condition and hope that the road has been maintained properly. You could also reduce the weight of the car (or eat less cake), thereby reducing the amount of fuel you need to overcome friction. Finally, you could also make a giant ice slide. Besides the fact that it’s fun, ice will create much less friction than concrete, but it will also make driving very unpredictable. Decisions, decisions. Of course you can always leave the car at home. It’s up to you!




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