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Eating your way to popularity!

Are you feeling lonely? Do you want more friends? Or do you just want to be the center of attention? You might not believe it but there’s an easy way to become popular. Forget about looking good, being funny or … Continue reading

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The beauty of science

Thanks to Wired, I stumbled upon a site which shows some breathtaking images of optics. Optics, a branch of physics, deals with the behaviour and properties of light and lends itself to some amazing photography opportunities. While you’d have to … Continue reading

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The anniversary of Titan

On this day, in 1655, Christiaan Huygens discovered Titan. Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and the only satellite known to have a dense atmosphere. Perhaps more exciting is that it is the only rock out there other than … Continue reading

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Spice up your life with chaos

Your life is boring. Everyday you wake up to the same routine and fail to avoid the people you can’t stand. You want to spice up your life but are too lazy for any major changes. I understand. But what … Continue reading

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Magic and Science: the debunking alliance

Professional magician and longtime skeptic James Randi has issued out a call to scientists. Magicians like him are ready and waiting to use their skills and knowledge to aid in the exposure of flim-flam. In the ongoing quest to debunk … Continue reading

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How to save time with science

Have a busy life? Deadlines punch you in the face? Cat needs another walk? What you need is a lesson in time management! All you have to do is follow the simple principle of the Pythagorean theorem and you will … Continue reading

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How to get the latest gadget

So let’s say you want to buy the next generation gadget, because you like gadgets. There’s a problem though: it’s not out for another three months! What are you to do? You can’t be expected to wait a full three … Continue reading

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