Finding your one true love

A 32-wind compass card, with English names

If you are desperate for love, you may try anything; from blind dating to mail ordering a Russian bride. Both will likely leave you tied up in a dark room with an empty wallet. If you’re willing to go that far, you might as well try the following way to find your one true love.

For centuries, sailors and boy scouts have depended on one single instrument to show them the way to campfires and loose women, respectively. I am of course talking about the compass. A compass is nothing more than an instrument that points towards the magnetic north of a planet’s magnetosphere. To do this it uses a magnetized bar or needle that can freely move around on a pivot, or in a fluid. Even  if you’re close to the south pole a compass would still point towards the north, although standing exactly on either the south or north pole would cause the needle to spin out of control.

Besides the magnetic version, there is also something called the gyro compass. This compass interacts with the rotation of Earth to determine the direction of north and south. These days we can use a global positioning system (GPS) to determine exactly where we are anywhere on the planet, but it’s still useful to have a magnetic compass lying around. And if you happen to be in a jungle without one, you can always make a make-shift compass with a magnet and a puddle of water.

You may be wondering how a compass can show you the path to your one true love, so let me explain. You have to concentrate really, really, REALLY hard on your greatest desire, open up the compass and watch how the needle slowly points in its direction. Wait, that sounds familiar. Wasn’t that the compass in Pirates of the Caribbean? Oh well.



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4 Responses to Finding your one true love

  1. tildeb says:

    Just a quick note about making a compass; you say all you need is water and a magnet but what you really need is something that can magnetized like anythng with iron: paperclips, nails, needles. Just give the object a quick rub to temporarily increase its magnetic property and figure out how to keep it floating until it settles towards north.

    Two other quick and easy approximate methods:

    1) figure out the arc of the sun (in the day time) and north is perpendicular to it, and/or
    2) figure out the celestrial equator (in the night time) and north is perpendicular to it.

    You can also figure out your latitude (in the northern hemisphere) with a stick, string or twine, and a rock (or anything with a bit of weight): locate the North Star (its the star at the end of the Small Dipper handle, about 4 striaght line segements from the end star that forms the cup part of the Big Dipper) and line up your stick to point at it. On that stick, tie the string with a weight on it so that it hangs freely without swinging. The angle formed starting at the pointy end to where the string is tied to the stick is the first arm of the angle. The string itself forms the second arm. If you guesstimate this angle, subtract 90 from it and you’ll have your latitude. Very handy tip for those people abducted by aliens and returned somewhere in the wilderness to figure out which way to head home.

    • Quantum Gag says:

      You are right of course! You wouldn’t specifically need a ” magnet” but I keep thinking that’s the only thing you’ll have on you when lost in the wild. Thanks for explaining the other two techniques, very interesting! Method one reminds me of Erathostenes figuring out the circumference of the earth, but that was done with the shadow cast by an object due to the sun.

      Again, thanks for your input, I appreciate it!

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