Losing Weight the easy way

Weight lossIf you want to lose weight then you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking to drop a few pounds for the summer, or have been trying to lose weight for years without success. All those diets, shakes and exercises have gotten you nowhere? Fret not! Science will show you the way.

What is Weight?
The first step is to understand what weight is, or the second step, right after letting go of that deep-fried Mars bar. Weight is what you get when you place a certain amount of mass in a gravitational field. This weight is not to be confused with the weight you read on the scales as you hold in your jolly gut, which is the amount of mass in your body. In science, weight is the force on an object when gravity is acting upon it. The more mass you have, the more weight or force you get as a result.

Gravitational acceleration
Another factor that comes into play is the gravitational acceleration. Gravitational acceleration determines how fast you fall to the ground when jumping out of a plane or off a building. On Earth, this acceleration due to gravity is 9,8 metres per second squared. This means that for every second that passes, you go another 9,8 metres per second faster. This applies everywhere on Earth and has nothing to do with the object falling down.

When you multiply the mass with the gravitational acceleration, you get the amount of force acting on the object in Newtons (like kilograms, seconds, degrees Celsius etc.). If you want to carry that information with you as a tattoo, put it down like this: W=mg, or Fg=mg if you really want to impress the ladies.

Losing weight
From this it would seem that you can reduce weight (force) by reducing your mass. While this is true, reducing your mass (what normal people call weight) is nothing special and may be hard to do considering you still have that Mars bar in your hand! So what’s the other solution? Well, take a look at the above equations and see if you can figure it out. M stands for mass, g stands for gravitational acceleration. You’re not gonna go exercise to lose mass, so what is left? Exactly, gravitational acceleration. While you can’t change how hard the Earth pulls at you, you can go somewhere where the pull isn’t as strong. Have you ever considered a walk on the Moon? You should, it has a gravitational acceleration of only 1.63 metres per second squared, which is about 16.7% of that on Earth. This means you will only weigh 16.6% as much on the Moon and that is what you have been asking for all along. You’re welcome!

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