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Using maths to avoid traffic ticket

I just had to share this story in Wired Science today. A physicist named Dmitri Krioukov was faced with a court hearing because he supposedly ignored a stop sign. In response to this he actually wrote a paper called The … Continue reading

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Earth-like planet discovered

Today the Griffith Observatory has announced that they have spotted a planet that is eerily similar to Earth. It is believed that this planet, 74N-45GX, contains large bodies of water on the surface and shows signs of geothermal activity. This … Continue reading

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3-D TV falls flat

It has come to my attention that several companies are working on a 3-D TV for which you don’t need those stupid glasses. I’m talking about the glasses with thick plastic frames that make your nose itch and your eyes … Continue reading

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The anniversary of Titan

On this day, in 1655, Christiaan Huygens discovered Titan. Titan is the largest moon of Saturn and the only satellite known to have a dense atmosphere. Perhaps more exciting is that it is the only rock out there other than … Continue reading

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